Today, when it comes to product, no one particular company really has loyalty. Given the power of incentivization, coupled with the research capability provided by the internet, most of the time it comes down to bragging rights as well as the best price.

Simply put, it is an exceedingly difficult market place to have loyalty on ANY product. If a brand is able to achieve loyalty, it IS a big deal.

Having said that, the folks at CarMAX calculated loyalty among the automakers by looking into every vehicle purchase in 2017 that had a trade in — CarMAX compared the brand of the purchase with the brand of the traded in vehicle.

The top three were Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Well done, gang.

So, we want to know: In THIS day and age, WHICH automaker has earned YOUR loyalty? And, more importantly, WHY?

A new study by American used-car dealer network CarMAX has found Lexus owners to be the most loyal, with a 30.4% retention. Compare this to other brands...

...To calculate brand loyalty, CarMax looked at every vehicle purchase in 2017 that also had a trade-in vehicle. Loyalty was calculated by comparing the brand of the purchase with the brand of the trade-in...

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WHICH Automaker Has Earned YOUR Loyalty? WHY?

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