If you haven't noticed, we've been pretty keen on the whole van life trend that's been sweeping the nation. What can we say? People just love these things.

But we're not just talking about driving these vintage vans around. Folks are actually paying to stay in these unique vans.

Need further proof?

Just scope out this AirBnB post featuring a vintage Dodge Camper Van. For $94/night, you too could enjoy the natural, Grand Canyon area unlike, well, anything else we've seen. See an excerpt for the listing, below.

That said, I've been wondering: Would you PAY to stay overnight in one of THESE? Let us know in the comments, Spies!

Experience the Southwest in a secluded & peaceful part of Northern Arizona, about a 30 minute drive to the Grand Canyon National Park

Community Space INCLUDES:
-Outdoor shower
-Dry toilet
-Fire pit
-SELF SERVE Organic breakfast (hard boiled eggs, fruit, oatmeal, tea/coffee)
-NO TRASH (paper in fire pit)

Watch the sunset & see amazing stars! Information on hiking, Native Americans, natural & alternative building. About 2 miles down a DIRT road.

More information

The space

A Retro 1968 Dodge Camper Van (Family Wagon) detailed with local Ponderosa Pine wood accents and a comfy full sized futon. 2 sleeping bags will be provided. Equipped with solar powered inverter to charge your battery and LED remote candle lights. Includes an outside seating area.

*All 3 spaces on the property are about 40 yards, or more, apart with partial view blocking from other spaces to maintain your feeling of privacy :)

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Would You PAY To Stay Overnight In One Of THESE? #VanLife

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