According to reports, earlier this year Ford delivered a presentation outlining its all-new lineup of sport-utility vehicles and trucks that are one the way. The slides that made noise were related to, predictably, the Bronco.

But, now some more slideware has made its way online. And there's some interesting bits and pieces to them.

Take, for example, the "baby" Bronco that's on the way. And then there's the entire fleet of hybrid-ized SUVs and trucks that is on the way. Even more impressive is that some of these will be plug-in hybrids — fingers crossed that means more than 15 miles while driving using the full-on electric mode.

Oh, and Ford is planning on introducing four new nameplates to the marque.

That said, we're curious: WHICH all-new Ford has your interest? Is it the upcoming Escape or Explorer? Perhaps the Bronco? What about the "baby" Bronco?

What say you, Spies?

TEASED! Which All-new, Ford SUV/Truck Has YOUR Interest? Escape? Explorer? Bronco? Baby Bronco?

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