In the world of autos, we've been seeing in recent years a greater emphasis on the personalization of vehicles. This is a good thing. Now, more than ever, owners are taking it upon themselves to purchase vehicles in the exact specification they desire.

There's just one thing: They don't always look their best.

But every now and then, someone really knocks it out of the park. Everything, soup to nuts, is perfect about a delivered vehicle.

And as BMW has made its Individual program a bit more widespread, I've noted that many 7-Series owners are taking advantage of it. Long story short, I've been spying a lot of Individual 7-Series with custom exterior paints and interiors with unique colors.

Recently, Agent 001 snapped a 750i in his local shopping center. Painted what appears to be San Marino Blue, which is a color that debuted on the current-gen M6, this 750i is unlike any other I've seen.

The more I look at it, however, the more I start to wonder, however: Are bright colors not a good idea on big body autos? Is it me, or does it not "fit" the vehicle?

What say you, Spies?

How MUCH Does Color Matter On BIG BODY Autos? Do BRIGHT Colors FAIL To Deliver?

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