Now, I know what you're looking for is not a review full of clichés and from a presenter that isn't always up to snuff. While I can't provide that this go around, I can provide you with something satisfying — that's the least I can do.

That would be the review of an all-new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

Not only did Aston bring back the DBS nameplate, it also resurrected the Superleggera moniker. Clearly, it thinks highly of its all-new, 700+ horsepower monster.

Considered the marque's latest flagship, it takes the DB11's chassis to another planet, really. The Brits have dialed up the styling — frankly, I think they ruined one of the most beautifully designed autos today in the DB11 — and increased the grunt.

What's it result in, you might ask? Well, check out the video clip below and let us know your thoughts.

Oh, and dial up the volume. This V12 is sensational.

Is Aston Martin’s 715bhp DBS Superleggera a Ferrari-beating super grand tourer, and worthy successor to the much-loved Vanquish? Road test editor Matt Saunders took to an Alpine pass to find out.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: What Is Aston Martin's All-new, Badass DBS Superleggera REALLY Like? Dial Up The Volume...

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