The Long Range RWD Model 3 might not have the blistering acceleration of the Model 3 Performance or the Model S P100D, but the all-electric sedan is still capable of high-speed driving. This was showcased recently by the owner of an unmodified Model 3, who was able to push the vehicle beyond its 140 mph top speed limit on Utah’s famed Bonneville Salt Flats.

Accounts from owners and videos of the Long Range RWD Model 3’s performance are many, though most of them feature the electric car either tackling a racecourse or doing quick acceleration runs. Top speed attempts, on the other hand, are rather rare. A group of Tesla enthusiasts from Germany went all out on the Autobahn last April while driving a Model 3, but they were only able to push the vehicle to a top speed of 130 mph.

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Tesla Model 3 RWD Hits 143MPH On Bonneville Salt Flats Run

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