At last year's Monterey Car Week, debuts were had. Every year, the luxury automakers try to outdo themselves. This isn't much of a surprise, really.

As traditional auto shows lose value in manufacturer's eyes, other events become more critical. Especially those that cater to consumers with deep pockets.

Monterey Car Week 2018

And like every year, BMW always tries to make a splash. For 2017, BMW rolled out the Z4 Concept. After a bit of deciphering, it became clear that the production version will make its global debut on the green in 2018. But, if you were thinking you'd have to wait to get a taste, fear not, Spies.

The Z4 M40i has leaked.

Looking quite similar to the concept, the production version gets an M40i badge, which we think will result in the B58 motor finding itself home in the engine bay. Depending on how BMW decides to tune this vehicle, we're think it will result in anywhere from 350-380 horsepower and 369-395 lb.-ft. of torque.

I'll hold my thoughts for the full release of pictures but until then, what do YOU think?

Monterey Car Week 2018

Monterey Car Week

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