Recently, Porsche debuted a newly refreshed Macan sport-utility vehicle. While you may think it hasn't changed very much, you'd actually be very, very wrong.

Although I agree it looks awfully similar from the front, if you walk around back you'll noticed some minor changes — namely, the sweeping LED that extends across its entire ass end. Where you'll really see the changes; however, are on the inside.

Porsche Macan

This is where Porsche clearly spent a lot of time making sure its all-new infotainment system would be put to use in the updated Macan. Now, you'll see, there's that infamous large center screen.

Having said that, our ace in the hole Fred Khaz recently ran across something interesting. That would be the refreshed Macan getting some burn on a local SoCal freeway. This the first picture we're aware of since the reveal of the vehicle on the street, fully uncamouflaged. And, since it was snapped at night you really get to see what that large LED strip looks like illuminated.

Let us know your thoughts, Spies!

Porsche Macan

SPIED on the STREET! FIRST Picture Of REFRESHED Porsche Macan Nabbed On SoCal Freeway

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