In the world of autos there's a multitude of things that can be frustrating to see. While we're firm believers in buyers of any product being able to change them as the owners see fit, one has to stop every now and then to simply ask "Why?"

For some cases, it's not a matter of a poor modification. It's how a vehicle is being used or if a function is purposefully being used incorrectly to show off.

Take, for example, how many owners of high-performance vehicles are purposely tuning their autos so that the vehicles will have an extremely pronounced series of "pops and bangs," on the overrun.

Or, for example, my favorite. Owners of vehicles equipped with spoilers that deploy at high speeds to help with stability via the power of downforce. Well, some geniuses have their spoilers deployed at all times "for the look."

That being said, I am curious, Spies: What's your number ONE auto-related pet peeve in 2018?

Remember, it's time to NAME and SHAME!

NAME and SHAME! What's Your Number ONE Auto-related Pet Peeve In 2018?

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