One of the things I noted when I checked out the all-new Jaguar E-Pace was that, overall, this leaping cat did not strike my fancy. That's because it felt way too small on the inside and there was a lot of cheap materials being used on the inside.

Simply put, it didn't seem befitting of the Jaguar name. Granted, the definition of what's acceptable for that marque has shifted.

But it seems that my initial response to the E-Pace was warranted. That's because the folks over at Consumer Reports recently published a video concerning the all-new E-Pace and its initial impressions weren't exactly great.

To essentially boil it down: The E-Pace was deemed a great driver; however, its ride quality and transmission were deemed too rough and jerky. In addition, the rest of the vehicle's accoutrements were middle of the road.

So, Spies, I've got to ask: Did Jaguar SWING and MISS with the all-new E-Pace? What say you?

The E-Pace, Jaguar's entry-level luxury SUV, features sharp handling and attractive styling, but lacks the luxury and refinement buyers might expect for its steep price tag.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Did Jaguar SWING And MISS With The All-new E-Pace? Consumer Reports Weighs In...

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