It's funny. The folks who are in Monterey have been posting pictures since a day or two ago.

Mostly the pictures are one in the same. In a normal parking garage or street parked is something completely insane. It may be a top less, black Ferrari F50, it could be the Schein's completely reworked white McLaren F1, or it could even been an Aventador, 911 GT2RS and a 675LT Spider all parked up next to each other.

Monterey Car Week — BMW Z4

It's kind of like what Forrest Gump said. You never know what you're gonna get.

Having said that, we were well aware that BMW would be rolling out the all-new Z4. What was speculation turned into a certainty with leaked photos and BMW's not so subtle press release. Now that it's here and the bevy of information has hit the web we're left wondering.

Rather than harp on data, which you view in Agent 009's post, I wanted to focus purely on design. With this collection of images provided by BMW, I've got to ask: Are you IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED with BMW's latest roadster?

This weekend, BMW has amassed a collection of its greatest roadsters, ranging from the Z1 to the Z8 to the Z4, and I've got to know what you're thinking, Spies. Is the all-new Z4 going to be joinging the GREAT ones?

Monterey Car Week — BMW Z4

#MontereyCarWeek: MORE Pictures Of The All-new BMW Z4 — Are You IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED With BMW's Latest Roadster?

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