So, in the last thread you may have noticed that we at AutoSpies are BIG fans of the all-new Honda Accord. It's sporting, has class and definitely that "X" factor that is capturing buyer's attention.

When equipped with the right trim and options, there's an Audi RS7 vibe there that a lot of people seem to be gravitating to.

And while we're surprised that Honda quickly righted its wrongs of many years, we've realized something else. Acura, Honda's luxury division, has a portfolio of vehicles that have ZERO juice in their design.

Frankly, I am sure folks will note the NSX exists; however, the reality is that its design is rather tame when you compare what it competes against. In fact, I'd say the NSX boasts a lot of cues that typical wedge-shaped, mid-engine vehicles have. Well, that, and the Audi R8.

It's just that they're not lust worthy. There's something missing to make their vehicles pop. There's a reason why the RDX and MDX are carrying Acura's sales charts.

So, tonight, we're going to address the elephant in the room: Why doesn't Acura have a more interesting design a la the Accord?

Why Doesn't Acura Have A STUNNING Looking Vehicle In Its Product Portfolio? Honda Has Delivered, Why Not The

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