Just this week it became known that Volkswagen, of all companies, was one of the manufacturers who offered to help take Tesla private. Say what?!

You read that right. Volkswagen, who is still dealing with the ramifications of dieselgate, was looking to give Tesla upwards of $30 billion dollars. From VW's standpoint, I can totally see why it would make sense for them.

It could ride Tesla's "good feelings" wave while leveraging TSLA's battery technology as the company seeks to up how many electric vehicles it produces. And, frankly, it may have been a brilliant deal provided Tesla wanted to get out of the entire building cars space and into a smarter way of doing business — licensing its battery tech.

But, seemingly, this flies in the face of Tesla's vision and narrative. And, in addition, it seems that if TSLA got into bed with VW it would be considered guilty of "selling out," to one of the worst environmental offenders in the auto kingdom.

So, I've got to wonder: IF Tesla accepted VW's offer, would it have been on the losing side of that deal due to simply working with VW and that putting a bad taste in its loyalists mouths?

I find it weird that the stock is falling by as much as 5% following this news because the biggest piece of information out of this to me is clearly that investors, including Volkswagen and Silver Lake, were willing to put as much as $30 billion in Tesla at $420 per share.

That deal was apparently on the table, Musk just didn’t like it.

But I can get how it reflects badly on Musk that he jumped the gun in announcing the deal before ironing out those important details.

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Had TSLA Accepted VW's Offer To Help Take It Private, Would That Have Been The Nail In Tesla's Coffin?

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