This past weekend, Lamborghini trotted out its all-new Aventador. Dubbed the Aventador SVJ, it's the most hardcore, road-going variant of the naturally aspirated V12 coupe.

And, it has plenty of street cred given that it shattered the Nürburgring lap time. So, now what?

We wait.

While there is a chance that Lamborghini will keep the 770 horsepower coupe a closed car, we're thinking something else is more likely. If Lamborghini is good at one thing, it's printing money. It would be a missed opportunity if the raging bull didn't debut a Roadster version of the SVJ.

Just keep in mind: There's an Aventador SV Roadster and the Centenario also benefited from a Roadster variant. Oh, and then there's Huracan Performante drop top.

It would only make sense.

That said, scope out the latest render via Aksyonov Nikita, below.

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RENDERED SPECULATION: IF Lamborghini Decides To Add An Aventador SVJ Roadster, We're Pretty Sure It'll Look Like THIS...

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