There's something a little bit surreal about catching a major traffic accident on a road that you travel quite often. And that's just what happened in my neck of the woods on New Jersey's Route 17.

Known as a major passenger artery that passes through Bergen County, it is home to a ton of residential traffic but it's also a major shipping lane. As major commercial loads pass through to reach the New York Thruway, there's a lot of fighting for space on this six-lane highway.

And, recently, a bit of a road rage may of had something to do with a major tractor trailer accident. But, did it REALLY?

You decide.

Check out the dash cam footage from another tractor trailer and weigh in: Was road rage the cause of THIS accident or was it merely BAD driving on part of the trucker?

An apparent act of road rage ended when a tractor-trailer driver crashed into a highway median, flipped and overturned across Route 17 in a wreck captured on dashboard camera footage, police said Tuesday.

"Miraculously, no other vehicles struck the tractor which could have resulted in a major accident since it occurred at approximately 9:46 a.m. on a weekday morning," said Mahwah police Chief James N. Batelli.

The traffic mess began when an SUV driver saw what he believed was a tractor-trailer being driven aggressively and changing lanes in a reckless manner, police said in a statement...

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YOU Decide: Is This SHOCKING Video Of A High-Speed, Tractor Trailer Crash ROAD Rage Or BAD Driving?

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