Thinking back to the 2018 New York Auto Show (NYIAS), one of my favorite vehicles of the two day affair was the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Although I've found them to be a bit overkill in recent years, this all-new one has my attention.

That's because it's an overall improvement across the board from the previous generation.

New York Auto Show

The previous generation G Wagon was essentially the same vehicle from the 1970s with a whole lot of band-aids tacked on. Was it cool in its own way, sure! Kind of how a Land Rover Defender is a God awful product but they still get your respect.

Now that's changed. With the addition of more space and the latest Mercedes technology, we're excited to get some wheel time. As our friends across the pond have access to the all-new AMG G63 first though, I figured we'd let you know what our British friends think after their testing.

See below.


Should I buy one?

Perhaps not as the ultimate on-road performance SUV. But will that matter to most G63 owners and G-Class devotees, who'll love the fact that this car is so much better-mannered and easier to drive around town than its forebears? Not for a second, I dare say — and nor should it. 

The G-Class now does a very respectable impression of a modern luxury SUV in most of the ways that matter, while still looking like anything but. And as a vehicle for burning through the world's remaining stock of unleaded petrol while simultaneously massacring as many marauding zombies as possible, I can think of nothing better.

New York Auto Show

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