The funny thing about performers or presenters is that you get used to seeing them on television or on the radio so much that you forget that these are, in fact, real people. But, now and then, we're reminded. Typically, it's in unfortunate circumstances.

And The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond has had yet another setback, which is one of several in recent years.

Hammond and his family were vacationing in France's well-known haven, Saint Tropez, when they awoke after a night's rest to realize that something Their bedroom doors were open and certain items were missing.

It turns out that Saint Tropez has been home to a burglary ring that uses what's believed to be a type of anesthetic gas to knock out their to-be-burgled victims. Once out, they work their way through the home to ransack their belongings and take the goodies.

Thankfully, no one was injured or harmed during the robbery.

While experts dispute the likelihood of this type of crime being carried out in this way, there's been multiple high-profile reports.

Fears are emerging that Saint Tropez's knockout gas burglars have returned after Richard Hammond's family were robbed in their sleep.

Thieves are known to have previously pumped anaesthetic gas through air conditioning systems in a series of raids on luxury villas on the French Riviera.

Mr Hammond's wife, Mindy, said she is "convinced" the family were targeted while staying at an up-market property on the French coast...

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The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond Endures ANOTHER Nightmare...Can He Catch A Break?

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