When it comes to electric vehicles, the biggest fear — and rightfully so — is range anxiety. When you've got to seriously worry about your driving style, the changes in the weather and the battery's range depletion over time, it sounds like a lot to be concerned about.

That's because it is.

I've been weighing these problems lately and, frankly, it has me hesitant.

The good news is that automakers are working on some facets of these challenges. According to a report from Bloomberg, General Motors is seeking to collapse the time required to charge an EV to obtain a fresh 180 miles.

This is no easy feat. We know Porsche is tackling the same problem and Tesla is well-known for its deployment of superchargers to enable long-distance travel.

Whether or not GM has the juice to deliver the juice is to be seen. Stay tuned, Spies.

Electric cars developed by General Motors Co. may be able to recharge their batteries with 180 miles of driving range in less than 10 minutes, a quicker juicing up than drivers can get at Tesla Inc.’s superchargers.

The Detroit-based automaker and one of its research partners, Delta Americas, are developing the fast-charge system as part of a three-year project. GM has said it’s readying 20 electric cars for sale by 2023 that will be capable of rapid charging...

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The RACE Is On For Juice — GM, Porsche And Tesla Are Doing Battle As We Speak...

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