Sitting on the sidelines, it's been interesting to watch Jaguar get back in the game. While its XJ, XF and XE don't seem to be making any real noise, the F-Type helped stir some buzz, which was followed up by the F-Pace that got some much-needed attention.

Whether or not the E-Pace can keep up the momentum has yet to be seen.

What we do know is that the F-Type sports car is getting dated pretty fast. In order to keep up, the boys and girls from the leaping cat need to deliver something that will get attention.

Turns out, they're planning on doing just that. According to reports that Agent 009 posted the other day, Jaguar is looking at delivering a successor to the F-Type that utilizes a mid-engine layout. Perhaps it will ride the wave generated by the next-gen Corvette and utilize its expertise from legendary cars like the XJ220 and XJR-15?

That said, Auto Express posted a couple of renderings to give us an idea of what it *may* look like.

What do YOU think?

The successor to the Jaguar F-Type will embrace hybrid technology and go mid-engined when it launches around 2022, Auto Express can exclusively reveal. And further down the line, Jag could launch a fully-electric version to rival the forthcoming Porsche Taycan.

Development work on the F-Type’s successor is under way, with engineers devising a plan that will transform the model into the brand’s halo product to compete with
McLaren and Audi Sport.

Central to the plan and favoured by engineers is the shift from a front to mid-engined layout for the
performance car. According to high-ranking technicians working on the project, the Honda NSX is being used as a benchmark for the next-generation Jaguar model, because key to the car’s armoury will be the use of hybrid technology to boost performance...

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RENDERED SPECULATION: IF Jaguar Really Does Do A Mid-engine Sports Car, Would You DIG IT If It Looks Like THIS?

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