It feels like only yesterday I was on a plane heading to the west coast to kick off Memorial Day Weekend. And here we are, saying good bye to Labor Day Weekend. You know what that means.

It's the unofficial close of the summer season. Although we have several more weeks before we switch seasons, it's time for the schools to reopen and vacations to end.

The Rides of Summer

Over the past several months, Agent 001 has been documenting all of the weird and wonderful rides he's stumbled across that express the carefree spirit of summer. As he makes his rounds in SoCal, he's been spending a lot of time at the beach and the surrounding areas.

Because of this, he's seen some really kooky things — you'll soon understand.

That said, let's do our best to keep summer alive. I'll make sure to do my part by kicking back with a nice, tall glass of lemonade. Perhaps you'll want a beer.

The Rides of Summer

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