Looking at August's sales figures across the board, one thing is clear: Sport-utility vehicle sales are not slowing down. And, automakers are expected to continue giving buyers what they want.

But, no one else has announced that they are going to take dramatic action in the restructuring of their product portfolio, like Ford. Remember, earlier in 2018 Ford made the striking announcement that the company would stop selling conventional sedans and cars with the exception of two nameplates.

While we weren't totally surprised to hear of this, we were a bit taken aback that it was Ford, a major auto manufacturer, rather than a niche, luxury company.

That said, consumer tastes continue to place a squeeze on the auto companies. So, who's NEXT? Who will announce a major shift in their offerings?

Place your bets, Spies!

Top automakers pointed to a small increase in U.S. auto sales in August including another sharp rise in SUV sales, as low unemployment and strong consumer confidence helped mitigate the impact of rising interest rates and fuel prices.

The reports from Ford Motor Co
and other top carmakers follow a rise in consumer confidence to a near 18-year high which allayed fears about the impact of President Trump’s protectionist trade policy on sentiment.

Analysts said the results were roughly on track to meet Reuters-compiled consensus forecasts for the annualized pace of U.S. car and light truck sales of 16.8 million units for the month, compared to 16.6 million a year ago...

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SUV Sales Jump AGAIN In August — Who's Going To STOP Selling Cars, Like Ford, NEXT?

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