As I've noted in previous stories, the great Ford purge of 2018 will be remembered for years to come. Whether it elevates or decimates the brand is to be seen.

All I know is there's quite a bit of risk involved. You see, if gas prices spike like we saw in 2008-2009, Ford is going to be left pretty damn exposed.

According to reports, the only two cars left by 2020 will be the Mustang and Focus Active.

That means the following are getting the boot:

- Fusion
- Focus
- Fiesta
- C-Max
- Taurus

Keep in mind that means no more Focus ST, Focus RS, Fiesta ST or Taurus SHO.

So, I've got to ask: WHICH Ford model are you going to MISS the most? Any?

WHICH Ford Nameplate Are You SAD To See Go As Cars And Sedans Get The CHOP?

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