It was only several years ago that Hyundai and Kia were a force in the automotive industry. While brands like Honda, Nissan and Toyota were asleep at the wheel, the Korean automakers switched into overdrive.

But those days are long gone, folks. And they need something to restart the fire that once existed in the oven.

Although there was a MAJOR push for the Kia Stinger, it hasn't really moved the needle. We're thinking the real prize may be something else though. That would be the large sport-utility vehicle, the Telluride.

We've been waiting a long time for this one. Ever since we saw the concept, we've been thinking it is a winner.

Seen for the first time in production trim and completely naked, it certainly has a presence. Predictably, much of the pizazz that struck us as stunning in concept form has been removed. Kia is well-know for watering down its production vehicles.

All that said though, I've got to wonder: Is the all-new Kia Telluride going to be the brand's savior?

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SPIED: Spotted Completely NAKED, Is Kia's All-new Savior The Telluride?

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