Life is sometimes stranger than fiction. Yesterday as news swept the country regarding another Hollywood celebrity's death — Burt Reynolds — Agent 001 was moseying around his neighborhood doing Agent-like things. Pretty standard day, really.

But interestingly enough, 001 stumbled upon something he hasn't seen previously.

It was a Smokey and the Bandit-like Pontiac Trans Am. Street parked. In Encinitas. Knowing how well 001 knows the area and the local rides, this was just a bit peculiar.

There's two possibilities:

1) An owner heard the news and fired up the 'ol flying chicken as an homage to Reynolds; or,
2) It's just pure coincidence.

Having said that, we wanted to see what type of memes you could slot in this image in memoriam to Reynolds' respective legacy.

MEME THIS: A Quiet Afternoon, A Pontiac Trans Am And Echoes Of Burt Reynolds

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