Well-known rapper, Post Malone, has had a rough month.

After having a rather rare experience with a private plane, which had tire failure during take off, it seems that the young gun's luck hasn't turned around. While cruising around in his Rolls-Royce Wraith with his assistant behind the wheel, the rapper's car was involved in a pretty serious accident.

We can tell because his Wraith is pretty much trashed. Judging from the damage it may be a total loss. The side suffered some pretty extreme damage and it appears as though the front axle is toast.

According to reports, the Wraith collided with a Kia and then careened into a fence. Eventually, the Wraith came to a rest in some bushes.

The good news is that no one was injured.

Be safe out there, Spies!

Post Malone
 got into a serious car accident on Friday morning.

The wreck comes a little over two weeks after the left tires on a private plane the “Rockstar” singer and guitarist was aboard blew out on takeoff, forcing a scary emergency landing.

Malone, 23, was riding in the passenger’s seat of his white Rolls-Royce Wraith in West Hollywood when the car collided with a Kia, Sgt. Frank Diana of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department confirms to PEOPLE. The vehicle, which was being driven by Malone’s assistant, then smashed through a nearby fence before stopping in some bushes...

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