I try to stay on top of the latest automotive news but sometimes you fall behind. And that's what happened with me and Aston Martin this summer.

I recently had a chance to drive the DB11 Volante. And while that sounds great on paper, there's one key difference. The DB11 Volante is only offered with a V8 powerplant. You know, the Mercedes-AMG 4.0-liter V8 good for just over 500 horsepower.

That's good and well and all, but that's not what makes an Aston. You need a V12 for that.

So when I rang up the press office and requested a proper Aston Martin DB11, they informed me that the car was no longer in production.

"What do you mean," I squeaked, "The car just came out not too long ago."

This is where Aston's PR guy explained to me that the V12 models were replaced with the all-new Aston Martin Racing (AMR) variants. So, to experience the DB11 as it should be, I'd have to wait. Well, so be it.

Having said that, one of the first reviews of the all-new DB11 AMR has been posted by our friends at Auto Express. And rather than waste time, let's just cut to the chase with the verdict below.

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The DB11 AMR is exactly what a big British V12 GT car should be. In fact, it’s what the DB11 should have been from the start. The updates have enhanced its dynamic side without compromising its grand touring credentials. With these changes, the DB11 now feels more at ease with itself and makes more sense in the Aston line-up.

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