Although I am the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Formula 1, I will say that I greatly appreciate the sport. It's helped change the world of motorcars and it deserves some respect.

Having said that, the latest regulations have left the amazing sounds far behind. To me, the last great sounding F1 cars came from the early 1990s back when V12s were in use. Boy, that was something.

Before the start of the 2018 Italian Grand Prix, F1's organizers arranged for a city festival to show off some cars. One of the highlights was the Ferrari FXX K.

If you're not familiar with the FXX K, it is a hardcore LaFerrari that's a part of the company's Corse Clienti program. Think of it as a small test bed of experimental hypercars that help the marque fine tune its next-gen hypercar.

Ferraris been doing this for a bit now with its road cars and, clearly, it's working.

So if you were seeking a glorious, naturally aspirated V12 exhaust note, your search is over Spies!

Yesterday, before the start of the 2018 Italian GP, F1 organized one of their city festivals bringing some cars and F1s doing some donuts and show for the fans along a small circuit created through the streets of Milan. One of the cars was number 54 Ferrari FXX K which recently received the "EVO" aero upgrade and which was driven on the tight circuit by Giancarlo Fisichella.

VIDEO: Dial UP The Volume — Ferrari's FXX K Dazzles Before The 2018 Italian GP

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