The podcast heard around the world last week was the Joe Rogan Experience, which featured Tesla's Elon Musk. But it wasn't because Musk delivered some jaw-dropping news regarding its products.

It was because Musk was seen during the two plus hour podcast freely drinking whiskey and took a puff from a marijuana-filled joint. The image was splashed across the leading business press and shares of TSLA dropped.

You wouldn't have known it today as shares were up, and returned the losses, at the electric vehicle automaker.

Having listened to the podcast, I can honestly say I grew increasingly frustrated with Musk's perspective and answers. Take, for example, his stance on taking a "fatalistic" perspective of the world and rather dystopian views of artificial intelligence. Later on in the podcast he then counters he's optimistic — erm, no, you can't have it both ways, Elon.

And as someone who works in AI and talks with leading AI researchers, there's no question that Musk is being an alarmist with his talking points. Sure, he has a point with proactive, government regulation over AI that should be starting now but that's where he stops making sense. The rest after that is hyperbole.

While many were quick to write off Musk as having "lost it," I think there's another distinct possibility here. TSLA has been plagued by short sellers looking to down TSLA due to its poor financials and Musk needs to get this monkey off his back. By doing what he did the stock tanked, which provided an opportunity for many institutional investors to cover their short positions, take gains and move on.

As I previously noted, the stock was up BIG Monday. I wouldn't be surprised to see it end the week up and to the right.

So, I've got to ask, Spies: As we sit in the bleachers watching the show go on, do YOU think Musk is LOSING IT, or was the Joe Rogan Experience podcast one of his SMARTEST moves?

Is Tesla's Elon Musk LOSING IT, Or Was His Appearance On The Joe Rogan Experience One Of His SMARTEST Moves?

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