It was only a couple weeks ago that I wrote about how we think the all-new Honda Accord is the best looking mainstream sedan on the market today. And, boy, I keep seeing them everywhere.

Having driven one, I can say it is a very compelling product and its packaging lends itself to a variety of audiences. Want a more comfortable ride? Check. Want something a bit more flashy in bright blue with those turbine-like, five-spoke two-tone wheels? Check.

But don't get it twisted. It's not just the Accord. The Civic, the Pilot, the CR-V and the Odyssey all are handsome products.

Frankly, I've started to think there's a certain premium quality to them. Compared with the rather staid and boring designs with flimsy interiors found in Hondas of the 2000s, it's a world's difference. I know, I drove a 2000 Civic EX for a bit in college.

When I look at the ILX, TLX and RLX though, there's nothing to these products. Hell, even the sales successes found in the RDX and MDX aren't doing much to move the needle. There's a certain "X" factor missing in their looks.

As Acura's SUVs are doing fine in the sales department, I've got to ask: Does Acura need to be MORE daring with its designs — inside and out?

What say you, Spies?

Is It Me Or Are Honda's Latest Cleansheet Designs BETTER Than Acura's? Does Acura Need To Be MORE Daring?

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