While I know that Consumer Reports is always a little bit controversial here at AutoSpies, I actually tend to like them. Although we see comments like "Stick to toasters," and the like, you have to keep something in mind.

Consumer Reports isn't in the bag for anyone.

It buys the cars themselves and they do not attend any junkets as far as I've ever seen. It really is an organization on the up and up looking out for the general population's best interest.

And while I am aligned with them, on the whole, that doesn't mean I don't question their results at times. Take, for example, the all-new Infiniti QX50. Let's be serious: No one buys an Infiniti because they're performance monsters. Sure, the brand had tried several times but it's never really delivered. Let the Nissan GT-R do the heavy lifting. But, CR gives the QX50 demerits for having too much body roll on its test track.

What QX50 will ever experience that level of cornering?

Then there's the knock on the two monitor center stack. While I would point out that Nissan/Infiniti seriously need to update their software and user experience, overall the user interface isn't the most complicated in the world. I could understand if it were, say, Volvo's Sensus.

All that said, I want to know, Spies: Is CR being FAIR to the all-new Infiniti QX50? Or, have they called out valid points here?

The Infiniti QX50 has a luxurious cabin and a new, innovative engine that promises improved fuel economy and power. But, confusing controls may steer shoppers toward other SUVs.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Consumer Reports Weighs In On The Infiniti QX50, Is It A FAIR Assessment?

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