One of the most highly anticipated sports car returns is the Toyota Supra. I guess we all have to thank the Fast & Furious franchise for the reinvigorated love for Toyota's well-known coupe.

As we get closer to the official unveiling, more details have leaked and more spy shots have caught the car uncamouflaged.

If I am honest, it's more of a BMW than a Toyota. Listen to the engine and really inspect its interior components.

Where things get interesting, however, is when Top Gear recently spoke with Tetsuya Tada who is Gazoo Racing's chief. You can read his initial quote below.

Basically, he notes that the team has been considering a more stripped out, hardcore variant of the next-gen Supra. He even says that if 100kg — roughly 220 pounds — is taken out of the all-new Supra, it completely changes the vehicle's driving dynamics.

So, what do YOU think, Spies? Should Gazoo create a track toy or give the people a more hardcore, track-ready road car?

Exciting news. Gazoo Racing chief and father of the new 2019 Toyota Supra, Tetsuya Tada, has confirmed that a stripped-out, track-focused version is already part of his plan for the reborn sports car, co-developed with the new BMW Z4. Expect it to be called the Supra GRMN.

“At some point I would like to make a track-limited Supra with less weight. We’re already making a racing version so we know if you take out 100kg it’s a completely different car – you don’t even need any more power,” Tada told us. Question is, will it be road-legal or a track-only toy? “We’re investigating both avenues, there’s always a trade-off because being road-legal brings restrictions..."

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CONFIRMED: Toyota's Considering A More Hardcore Supra — Would YOU Prefer A Track Toy Or A Road-going Car?

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