I find it funny. Recently, I ran a story asking the Spies their take on the all-new Honda Accord and its respective styling.

The comments were overwhelmingly negative on the all-new Accord's look. Frankly, I think it looks better than ever — and it's a knockout in its respective class.

One thing I did note was that commenters kept pointing to one particular vehicle. That would be the Mazda 6. When I think of a vehicle that looks more expensive than it really is, the perfect case study example is the Mazda 6.

When it first debuted, the rather sensual lines for this sedan echoed Maserati. That's not a bad thing.

And Consumer Reports just dropped a review video of the car. It did pretty well!

There's just one BIG elephant in the room. If it's admired so much and the vehicle looks killer, WHY isn't Mazda selling more?

After doing a bit of digging, it turns out that Mazda only sold about 33,000 units of the 6 for the year ended Dec. 31, 2017. Compare that to the Accord, however, and it sold about 10 times more unites than that. So, what gives? Why doesn't Mazda sell more 6 vehicles?

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, The Mazda 6 Is Good Looking And All Around Great — Why Don't They Sell MORE?

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