The first reviews of the all-new Toyota Supra are starting to come in. And, guess what: The ones I've seen are quite positive on the vehicle.

Could it be yet another LFA-like moment? Or, perhaps like the Scion FR-S or as it's now known, the Toyota 86? These were cars that experienced an ebb and flow of love/hate.

People were obsessed with the LFA, then it took too long to deliver to the market and then it cost an arm and a leg. People were incredibly stoked by the FR-S/86 but then it debuted with a paltry amount of power and then the hooligans came out to go sideways, everywhere.

The Supra is a bit different though.

That's because its nameplate is legendary and expectations are running VERY high. The other two, on the other hand, were all-new nameplates and setting out to prove something. The Supra has to LIVE UP TO whatever's been built up in people's minds. That's a very tall order.

It's like the season finale for Seinfeld. No matter what Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld wrote, it wouldn't of been as good as what each and every viewer concocted how the show should end.

All this said, a thought popped up into my mind. Let's say the Supra comes out swinging and surprises EVERYONE. Let's say it's one of the best driving cars to come out in recent years.

IF that's the case, does it sully the Toyota Supra that it's a joint project car created in partnership with BMW? Does that, essentially, take away some of the credit compared to, say, if it were a fully developed Toyota vehicle?

What say you, Spies?

IF The All-new Toyota Supra EXCEEDS Expectations And Turns Out To Be AMAZING, Will It Be Sullied By The Fact It's A BMW Joint Project Car

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