Over the years we've made it crystal clear. We're fans of Apple products.

Are they all winners? No, of course not. But, boy, when Apple gets it right, it just crushes all of the competition. It's not even close.

Apple iPhone XS Max Sample Gallery

Take, for example, the iPhone. It singlehandedly changed the way we live. You can't say that about many products. A big part of the iPhone's goodness is the way it takes pictures.

Comparing an Apple iPhone's pictures to that of an Android BEFORE was laughable. Well, the Cupertino-based technology company has one upped itself in a big way, again.

With the debut of the all-new iPhone XS, it has raised the benchmark. We know this because Agent 001 has taken delivery of the XS. And, guess what he's been doing...

As is AutoSpies tradition, he's been taking pictures testing out the iPhone XS' camera. And we think these shots are quite impressive. Here's the catch: None of the images have been edited. Just pulled straight from the phone.

Judge for yourself in 001's first collection.

Make sure to keep your browsers locked on AutoSpies this weekend as we expect to create the world's largest collection of XS pics by Monday a.m.

Apple iPhone XS Max Sample Gallery

The BEST Real-Life iPhone Xs Photo Gallery On The PLANET!

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