In show business there's a saying, and sort of a joke. "We're running out of daylight!"

Well, that's exactly the conundrum Agent 001 found himself in yesterday. After taking delivery of his new iPhone Xs and getting it set up, it was getting late. But that didn't deter him from still getting a batch of pics live on the site.

Apple iPhone Xs Max Sample Gallery

It was actually a great test though. That's because he could explore the limits of the Xs' low light capability.

And as photographers, color us impressed. The amount of detail and, overall quality of the snaps in the dark is impressive. I reckon you'd have difficulty capturing these moments as well with a DSLR camera.

I know, I've been there — with a DSLR — and had trouble.

Having said that, take a peek at the latest batch of images from our iPhone Xs mega gallery. More to come, Spies!

Apple iPhone Xs Max Sample Gallery

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