Here we go, Spies!

The first video review of the all-new Toyota Supra is here. Just a couple things to note.

First, this is a prototype. So, it's probably 9/10ths finalized. Secondly, Autocar's Matt Prior drove it on road and on track. This is great because he's able to provide a lot of perspective here about the vehicle with a wide band of context.

I won't spoil it for you but I would highly recommend reading the full report via Autocar and then watching the video to have the Supra come to life for you.

That said, I'll let you get started, Spies!


Should I buy one?

But that’s fine. It is, in this spec, 90% road car and yet still happy on a hot circuit, being pushed hard without overheating its steel discs, offering more handling balance and playfulness and more reward the more you push it.

Toyota has taken a delicate path with the Supra: a road car that gives more when you ask for more. And where, say, an A110 or M2 Competition might give you more all the time, that’s no bad thing. In terms of daily maturity, it’s closest, then, to a 718 Cayman. Curious.

A few years ago, a Cayman was regarded as unbeatable. Now everybody wants a crack at it. On this showing, Toyota is getting as close as anyone.

A new straight-six, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car with a 50:50 weight distribution, you say? Toyota's reinvented Supra has got all the hallmarks of a great sports coupé, hasn't it? Matt Prior drives a prototype to see if it goes like one too.

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DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, What's The All-new Toyota Supra REALLY Like?

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