They just don't build them like they used to. While that can be applied in a blanket statement, you can't argue with one thing: Lamborghini has proven that you do not need forced induction engines to rule the game.

Fresh from a "W" with the Huracan Performante being named a "Best Driver's Car," by one of the buff books, it has brought forth something even more bananas than that vehicle.

Dubbed the Aventador SVJ, it's one seriously hardcore Aventador.

Leveraging a naturally aspirated V12, it sings for days. And now stiffer and lighter than before, it's a bit more extreme than the last-gen SV. You have to have some serious brass to get behind the wheel of this raging bull and give it some gusto.

Read on to understand exactly why this Lamborghini is a complete and utter savage.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: verdict

We need another go on proper, grippy track - and on the road - to deliver a definitive verdict on the SVJ’s handling, but that won’t change everything we love and hate about the SVJ. You can gripe about the clunky ’box and the fact that junior supercars are faster from the lights, but there’s not much in the car world with as much personality as the SVJ. And that’s a real asset, arguably a much more valuable asset than the odd tenth to 62mph. The SVJ looks sensational and that naturally aspirated V12 means it sounds and feels truly special.

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