A friend of AutoSpies, Tim Stevens is in charge of CNET's Roadshow. Having first met at a Porsche event held at Barber Motorsports Park, we hit it off.

A real enthusiast, Tim is the kind of guy that takes his Subaru WRX ice racing. Clearly, he isn't playing around.

This past week I was leafing through my Facebook feed and I came across a picture he snapped at the prototype drive of the all-new Toyota Supra. And, there was a nugget he noted about the Supra no one has pointed out — at all.

If you take a peek of this side-by-side shot, you'll note that the Supra is actually about the same size as the Toyota 86. And the 86 is a small two-door vehicle by modern standards.

As Tim points out, the Supra isn't going to be a "big" car like its elder.

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Something You SHOULD KNOW About The All-new Toyota Supra That NO ONE Is Talking About

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