When it comes to Cars & Coffee, Agent 001 and I have a bit of fun with it. While the cars are surely fun to look at, these little grassroots events attract some interesting characters.

And not all of them are cool or good people.

Apple iPhone Xs MAX Photo Gallery

Having said that, we appreciate the awesome rides and to see people actually driving them. Cars weren't exactly made to sit in a garage and be rubbed with a diaper.

This weekend, 001 set out to his local gathering to snap some shots using his all-new Apple iPhone Xs MAX. Rather than lug around a DSLR or two, he just wanted to see what the latest from Apple was capable of.

NOTE: These images are not edited. Simply uploaded directly from the phone.

So, what do you think, Spies?

Apple iPhone Xs MAX Photo Gallery

Cars & Coffee, SoCal Style, With The All-new iPhone Xs MAX — FEAST Your Eyes On Luxury, Speed And Utility

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