Danny - who admits having paintings of every girl he's ever slept with on his walls - is Britain's flashest playboy and heads up the "Lambo Squad" - an elite clique of dozens of self-made British millionaires who live their lives in the fast lane and choose their friends based on the cars they drive. "Some guys wake up in the morning and say: 'What shirt shall I wear today?'", Danny jokes. "I get up and say: 'What car shall I drive today?'"

He claims it's the master bedroom here where he brings his "most special" ladies, although a typical evening in can see two or three female guests invited over for a few glasses of £6,000-a-bottle cognac.

However, it's not easy when you have so many women who want to hang out. In fact, his social life has become so hectic that he's had to employ a PA to help him manage it.

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NSFW: SPIED! This Isn't Cars And Coffee, It's The LAMBO SQUAD. You WON'T Believe This.

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