I think it's pretty hard to sit there and call any McLaren pedestrian. Even though I am sure I am guilty of it.

[Cough] 570S [Cough].

One thing that's certain, however, is that when the all-new McLaren Senna launched everyone was a bit stunned. Chiefly, its looks are a bit hard to digest. Second, it is a hardcore track vehicle with crazy things like its massive, active rear spoiler and optional glass inserts for its doors.

A great quote I heard from Randy Pausch is "when there's an elephant in the room, introduce it."

So, given the Senna's rather obvious commitment to speed, does it really stand head and shoulders above the 720S it is based? Well, the good 'ol boys at Autocar decided to find out.

It's documenting the comparison in a four-part series, two of which are below. Check it out, Spies.

We drag race the McLaren Senna against the 720S from 0-100mph-0 in the first episode of our four-part series. How far does the Senna move the game on in terms of acceleration and braking? Part 2 is now live on the channel.

In part 2 of our McLaren Senna vs 720S series, we find out which of Woking's supercars is quicker around our Anglesey track. How much of an advantage will the Senna get from its uncompromising aero and its uprated version of the 720S's 4.0L V8? Matt Saunders finds out.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, Is The All-new, Hardcore McLaren Senna REALLY That MUCH Better Than The 720S?

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