I remember the first time I saw the all-new Toyota Camry.

My initial reaction was: "Really?" This is what Toyota is going to deliver that to the market? Isn't this outrageous design going to alienate its current crop of buyers who are simply looking for an appliance to get from point "A" to point "B?"

One show car was white and equipped with a blood red interior. You certainly couldn't call it beige any longer. And, good for Toyota! There's no doubt it's shed a lot of its rather homely image with designs like the all-new Camry that are actually pushing the boundary for its class.

Here's a little secret, Spies: The more I see of the all-new Camry — with its controversial front-end design — the more I am liking it.

On the show floor it looked, frankly, revolting to my eyes. But now that I am seeing it on the street, it has tremendous presence and in the right color — silver — I actually am finding myself liking what Toyota has delivered to the market.

Has the same thing happened for you? For WHICH vehicle? Has your opinion changed on the Toyota Camry?

What's ONE Vehicle That Initially Left You REVOLTED, But Changed Your Mind After Seeing MORE In 2018?

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