In recent years, one of the music industry's most outspoken and flamboyant personalities is easily Kanye West. Known for his rap skills, marriage to Kim Kardashian and ability to design/sell shoes, West is a bit of a renaissance man.

Just yesterday West made headlines for sitting down with President Trump to discuss violence in Chicago and prison reform. People are freaking out about it. Obviously, he's a controversial figure.

And while that may be true, he knows how to sell. His albums and tours are hot items. His sneakers command a serious premium and consumers clamor over them.

So. Why not sell cars?

If Eminem can do it, why couldn't Kanye? What say you, Spies? Why do YOU think auto manufacturers haven't tapped West to move units? Would he do damage to any automaker's brand? What say you?

WHY Haven't Automakers Lined Up KANYE WEST To Pitch Their Vehicles? Would He HURT Their Brand?

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