It's been pretty amazing to watch McLaren go from a super niche supercar manufacturer to scaling its operations significantly. Originally sticking to racing, the auto manufacturer started with the F1 road car and then did some project-based work.

Since the reveal of its MP4-12C, P1, 570S and many other variants though, it's been rushing to develop yet another groundbreaking hypercar.

Two vehicles we're aware of include the Speedtail and the BP23. We can't be 100 percent certain yet but we're thinking the Speedtail will be the vehicle that tops the F1's original high speed record, whereas the BP23 is going to be an all-out, no compromises track-ready vehicle — it will feature a centrally located driver's seat.

While the BP23 remains as clear as mud at this point, McLaren has been teasing the Speedtail. The latest comes via Instagram where we can see a snippet of the vehicle's ass-end. In the company's promotion, it says it will have over 1,000 horsepower and it boldly states it will be categorized as a hyper GT.

Buckle up for October 26, Spies.

Stay tuned for the latest.

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