This week was a big one for BMW. With the launch of its all-new X7 sport-utility vehicle, the Bavarians finally enter the large luxury SUV class.

Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, has been playing there for years.

Its GLS-Class SUV, however, has really started to show its age. We know the automaker has been working on a third-generation product, we don't know what that entails just yet though. It's a pretty safe bet that it will deliver the following: Updated powerplants, the large dual screen layout that covers the instrument panel and infotainment, a more luxurious interior and all of the latest technology you find in the S- and E-Class vehicles.

For the three-pointed star, this vehicle is a big deal. While Audi has yet to deliver a proper seven seater, BMW finally has. Range Rover still doesn't compete in the space. Lincoln's Navigator certain gets some points from us but we're not quite sure if folks will cross-shop it with the likes of the GLS.

What I can tell you though is that the GLS has finally touched down in the U.S. Nabbed by Fred Khaz, a GLS prototype was caught red handed as it was undergoing developmental testing. Although there's a bit of body cladding and its camouflaged head-to-toe, it's clear that there's some key differences generation-to-generation.

Take, for example, the elongated rear window. There's definitely going to be more space in the second row.

That said, do YOU spot any other significant changes, Spies? Let us know in the comments below.

SPIED: An Eagle-eyed Spy Catches The All-new Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class Testing In SoCal

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