Late this week, there were scattered reports of a Ford dealer gathering in Las Vegas. We can only imagine the trouble some folks got into.

The point of this dealer meeting? Clearly, it was established to serve as a preview of the upcoming additions to the product portfolio.

Stemming from this gathering were these two leaked photographs of the all-new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. The GT500 has been eagerly anticipated due to the horsepower wars that are currently being dominated by FCA's Dodge SRT lineup.

Do the words Hellcat, Red Eye and Demon mean anything to you?

It does to Ford Performance who's now being rumored to deliver upwards of 780-790 horsepower in form of the all-new GT500. In addition, a 10-speed autobox will be offered as an option. Given that this is the same 10-speed that was developed in partnership with General Motors, which was placed in the Camaro ZL1, we know it will be able to handle quite a bit of power.

All that said, what do you make of the sneaked photos?

My source present at the dealer meeting in Vegas told me that the new GT500 will be between 780 to 790 HP and will offer the 10 speed automatic as an option. Ie) a manual is coming as a base

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LEAKS Abound, All-new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Gets Sneaked And Power Figures Are Rumored

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