More news stemming from this week's Las Vegas-held dealer meeting with Ford corporate. According to the latest reports, not only was the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 shown. There was a lot more on display.

The latest indicates that the all-new Ranger was actually driven, a rear-wheel drive Explorer made an appearance, the redesigned Escape showed up and the "baby Bronco," was revealed.

Our inside source has passed along intel to us signaling that the face of the rugged, compact sport-utility vehicle that will slot under the Bronco will sport a similar face akin to the current-gen Expedition.

We've got to ask: IF this rumor is on the money, would you be disappointed with a "baby Bronco" that has an Expedition's look? Were you hoping for something more unique? All indications seem to point to the real deal Bronco taking a very retro slant a la the return of the Ford GT in the early 2000s. So, the baby can't take the same path.

...Some 4,000 dealers from around the country gathered here this week looking for answers inside the same ballroom at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino where, in 2008, former CEO Alan Mulally showed the new Taurus that would help Ford brave the recession under his "One Ford" rallying cry.

This time, dealers wanted to know what new products they’d be selling to fund Ford's investment in autonomous vehicles. Some were still angry at not having been warned before Ford announced it would stop selling sedans within the next few years...

...Dealers drove the 2019 Ranger in Las Vegas. They saw the new rear-wheel drive Explorer, redesigned Escape, as-yet-unnamed 2020 battery electric vehicle, an unnamed small "rugged" SUV some call the baby Bronco, and the Mustang GT 500...


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RUMOR: FIRST Look At The All-new Ford

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