When it comes to luxury sedans, if there's one vehicle I could pinpoint that was devoid of style and personality, it would be the Lexus ES. It...was...awful.

But, people loved them.

Not only did they boast Lexus' outstanding reliability, they also were comfortable and were a step above their Toyota counterparts. While it was the definition of "all beige everything," Lexus had no problem moving a lot of units off their respective lots.

Fast forward to today and it's time for an all-new ES. Increasing in size and taking a page from the all-new LS' playbook, it's a much more aggressive ES than we've previously seen. Although the last-gen car started getting a bit more ferocious, this all-new ES is a whole 'nother thing.

I've seen a couple on the road so far and I have to say I am actually impressed with the latest ES. Having said that, we're curious what YOU think of Lexus' latest attempt: Do YOU give it your seal of approval? Or, would you pass?

The Lexus ES luxury sedan comes loaded with luxury trimmings that cater to every customer's whim. Prestige, comfort, performance driving dynamics are expected in this category for this price point, and Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio will take you for a lux spin to see how the ES delivers on all those luxurious promises.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The All-new Lexus ES Pushes The Once Sedate Luxury Sedan Forward — Do YOU Approve?

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