Although I risk sounding like a dinosaur, I have zero shame in saying this. Naturally aspirated motors are gems. In fact, I think they are the best motors one can find.

There's just one problem: They're getting harder to locate with each and every passing year.

And when it comes to V8 powerplants, they're on the way out. Just think, what all-new vehicles offer a naturally aspirated V8? It's a short list, folks. Of course, it's a shame.

As someone who's not a V8 lover, it's not a major loss to me. But to some folks I know, it's a devastating event. While we're buckled up for the ride where things are starting to get weird, we know many aren't quite ready for the big transition that's going to take hold.

The boys and girls at Autocar had one of its writers pen a piece that essentially serves as an ode to the naturally aspirated V8. This got me thinking. WHICH naturally aspirated V8 was YOUR favorite?

Mull it over and let us know in the comments below, Spies!

...And now the V8 is dying. You may look at all those V8-powered Audis, Bentleys, BMWs, Ferraris, Jaguars,  Land Rovers, Maseratis, McLarens, Mercedes and Porsches and wonder what I think I’m talking about. And I guess what I mean when I say the V8 is dying, I mean the V8 in its natural and naturally aspirated state. Fitted to cars on sale in the UK, Ford has this one, Lexus has another, Maserati has a third – but only while its ancient Gran Turismo remains in production – and, of course, Chevrolet still uses V8s in the Corvette and Camaro. But that’s it. Time was when every single manufacturer named above (save McLaren, which didn’t exist) had normally aspirated V8s in volume production. They’ve all gone in the interest of the lower on-paper emissions, higher specific outputs and instant-gratification torque curves that turbocharged motors provide...

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The Naturally Aspirated V8's Life Is Coming To An END, WHICH One Was Your All Time Favorite?

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