Years ago, BMW Group's MINI division was a lightning rod. That's because gas prices were sky high and consumers were seeking refuge by snapping up gas sippers.

Fast forward to today though and it's a completely different world. 10 years makes quite the difference.

Gas prices are off their highs and have stabilized. Small cars are no longer en vogue and buyers are lining up for the BIGGEST and the best. Oh, and MINI's product lineup is stale.

So, now what?

Last year the British small car manufacturer was aiming to sell about 100,000 units. For the first 10 months of 2018 though, it's only moved just over 37,000 units. "Missing the mark," would be an understatement.

We want you to place your bets: Is it only a matter of time before it's OVER for MINI or can the brand come back and prosper? What say you, Spies?

...It might also be a milestone in the struggling brand's saga. The marque, which expected annual sales of 100,000 cars by 2017, peaked at about 66,500 in 2013. Through the first 10 months of this year, sales totaled just 37,359. That is hardly enough to support the investments of retailers who opened 127 free-standing Mini stores since 2008 at the factory's request...

..."You've got a small product line — all small cars — in a strong SUV market," said Willis, general manager of fixed operations at Willis Auto Campus in Des Moines, Iowa. "Our product doesn't match the demand..."

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PLACE YOUR BETS! Is It Only A Matter Of Time Before It's OVER For MINI Or Can It Come Back And Prosper?

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